Court Administration

Following upon the adoption of its Strategic Plan in 2012, the Court has undertaken an exercise encompassing the comprehensive overhaul and restructuring of its administration. A new administrative structure has thus replaced the one in place since the Inauguration of the court in 2005. Under the President, there are a number of committees, headed by Judges. As regards the supporting administrative framework, the positions of Court Executive Administrator, Deputy Court Executive Administrator and Deputy Registrar and Deputy Marshal have been eliminated. The functions of these offices have been subsumed into that of the sole office of Registrar and Marshal. Within the restructuring exercise, a Human Resources Manager was appointed to the RJLSC in 2014, with joint responsibilities straddling both the commission and the CCJ. The various services provided by the Court to its users have been redistributed into three operational units:

• Finance and Administration Management, comprising Finance and Accounting, Facilities and Assets Management and Administrative Services;

• Communication and Information Management, comprising Information Technology, Library Services, Protocol and Information and Public Education and Communication;

• Security and Logistics Management.


Ms Jacqueline Graham, a citizen of Guyana, assumed duties as Registrar and Marshal of the Caribbean Court of Justice on 1 July 2014.

Ms Graham holds the BSc in Management Studies and the LL B (University of Guyana), the Legal Education Certificate (Hugh Wooding Law School), and the MBA in Finance (Manchester).

Ms Graham has worked in the banking and finance sector, her final position being Finance and Operations Manager before transitioning to a career in law. She served as a prosecutor in the Magistrates’ and High Courts of Guyana, and was employed by the private law firm, Interlaw Consultants. She was also an Assistant Lecturer in the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Guyana.

Ms Graham held the positions of Legal Assistant to the Chancellor of the Judiciary and Registrar of the Court of Appeal of Guyana before being appointed to the Caribbean Court of Justice.