Belize Bank Not Yet Able to Compel Gov’t to Pay Judgment Debt

1 Jun 2018

The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) today delivered its final judgment settling a trilogy of post-judgment applications between The Belize Bank Ltd. and the Attorney General of Belize. The CCJ previously authorized the Bank to enforce an international arbitration award of over BZ$36.89 million, plus substantial interest and costs, on November 22, 2017.  In the hearing on  March 14, 2018, the Court considered Belize Bank’s application to have the CCJ declare that the Minister of Finance had failed to comply with the Court’s 2017 Order and to compel him to pay. The Attorney General had also filed an opposing application on  January 26, 2018, disputing whether the CCJ had, or should exercise, jurisdiction to enforce the 2017 Order.   In its ruling delivered today, the CCJ determined that the Bank’s application was premature and agreed with the Attorney General that the CCJ was not the appropriate court for enforcement of its judgments in its appellate jurisdiction. Enforcement must be through the Supreme Court, subject to possible appeal to the Court of Appeal and the CCJ.


Access the full Media Release here: CCJ Media Release 22_2018