CCJ Commemorates One Year Anniversary of New E-filing Practice Direction

26 Jun 2014

Today, the Caribbean Court of Justice commemorates the one year anniversary of the launch of its email filing system.  As part of the Court’s continued efforts to ensure access to justice, the system was developed and implemented to allow attorneys and litigants to file their documents with the CCJ’s Registry via email address It also provides for the CCJ’s Registry to serve court documents using email.

The new practice direction has resulted in increased efficiency and timeliness and a reduction in cost for both the Court and its customers.  It has also brought the CCJ one step closer to achieving its strategic vision to be:

  • a leader in providing high quality justice
  • responsive to the challenges for our diverse communities;
  • innovative, fostering jurisprudence that is reflective of our history, values and traditions, and consistent with our international legal norms;
  • inspirations, worthy of the trust and confidence of the people of the region.