CCJ Dismisses Appeal in Roosevelt Skerrit & Ors Election “Treating” Case: Summonses Issued by Magistrate Reinstated

10 Mar 2021

In a judgment released yesterday, the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) dismissed the appeal in the matter of Roosevelt Skerrit & Ors v Antoine Defoe & Ors [2021] CCJ 4 (AJ) (DM) and affirmed the order of the Court of Appeal reinstating the Magistrate’s summonses for the appellants to appear to answer the election charge of treating. Treating refers to directly or indirectly providing food, drink or entertainment to a person, during or after an election with the aim of corruptly influencing that person’s vote. The Court heard the appeal on 10 December 2020.

Access the full media release here: Media release 03_2021