CCJ Internship Programme 2013

Students of the Hugh Wooding Law School, the Norman Manley Law School and the Eugene Dupuch Law School are invited to submit applications for placement in the CCJ Internship Programme during the period June to August 2013.

The Programme

The objective of the Internship Programme is for participants to obtain a regional perspective and gain an understanding of the operations of an international Court.

The Selection Procedure

All interested persons are required to submit a letter of application and curriculum vitae addressed to the Principal of the Law School which he/she attends.   All applications must be submitted to the Principals on or before the close of business on Wednesday the 20th day of February 2013.  

Interested applicants will be required to undergo an interview after which the Principal of each Law School will make a recommendation to the CCJ Internship Committee of the student who is considered the best suited to undergo the Internship Programme based on the student’s academic performance and interest in the work of the Court.

No more than two (2) Interns per Law School may be selected.

A stipend will be paid to the successful candidate by the Law School.

The Work of the Intern

 During the period of internship the intern will be required to:

  • attend all sittings of Court
  • conduct research for the President and Judges of the Court on legal matters impacting the work of the Court
  • assist generally with any legal work as it pertains to the Court

The Intern will also be exposed to the operations of the Registry and Court Administration, including the Library.

Interested persons are asked to visit the CCJ website at to learn more about the Court and its operations.

For further information please visit the following websites: