CCJ Orders Swift Decision in A Barbados Custody Case

21 Mar 2017

The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) today allowed the appeal in the custody case of JJ v Child Care Board and SW and set aside a decision made in January 2017 by the Court of Appeal of Barbados, ordering each party to bear their own costs.  The underlying dispute is about the custody of a minor child.  Initials are being used for both parents to protect his identity.  The matter commenced in 2014 when the child was 13 years old and his father, referred to as SW, sought custody.  The trial judge ordered an investigation into the living circumstances of both parents and the welfare of the child.  The first report by the Child Care Board was completed in May 2014 and a subsequent report completed in October of that year.  The mother, referred to as JJ, requested the notes from the October 2014 report which recommended the father should have primary custody.


Access the full Media Release here – MEDIA RELEASE – 11-2017