CCJ Statement on the passing of Mr. Arthur N. R. Robinson

10 Apr 2014

Provided below is the official statement of the Caribbean Court of Justice on the passing of Mr. Arthur N.R. Robinson.

The Caribbean Court of Justice joins Trinidad and Tobago in mourning the passing of former President of the Republic and Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago, Arthur NR Robinson. The CCJ pays tribute to his distinguished career as a jurist and politician. His rise from modest beginnings in Castara, Tobago, to be Head of Government and then Head of State of Trinidad and Tobago speaks volumes on its own.

As an international tribunal, the Court is especially appreciative of Mr Robinson’s ground-breaking, pioneering work with the International Criminal Court. His efforts in what must have seemed like a thankless task, culminated in the creation of an international court with wide jurisdiction, to deal with the most horrendous crimes against humanity. This is an accomplishment of great significance, of which Trinidad and Tobago and the entire Caribbean, can be justifiably proud.

The CCJ regrets Mr Robinson’s passing, but at the same time considers and appreciates his achievements, and places great esteem on the contribution he has made to the rule of law and the administration of justice in the Caribbean and internationally.