Court Instruments

The agreements and protocols that define the Court, and related organisations, and offer definitive views of the organisation and offer guidelines on their structure and operations.

Rules of the Court

Access the documents that govern the CCJ's Original and Appellate Jurisdiction.

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Agreement Establishing the Seat of the Court

The Agreement establishing Trinidad and Tobago as the location of the Court and the offices of the RJLSC.

Revised Agreement Establishing the Trust Fund

The CCJ Trust Fund ensures adequate and secure funding to ensure the sustainability, independence and credibility of the Court.

Protocol to the Agreement Relating to the Security of Tenure of Members of the RJLSC

The document detailing the measures taken to protect the impartiality and independence of the RJLSC.

The Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas

The revised Treaty of Chaguaramas, which established the Caribbean Community, addresses issues of foreign policy coordination, functional cooperation and economic integration.

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