Guyanese Architecture Firm Allowed to Recover GY$15M

4 May 2018

New Building Society Ltd was ordered by the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) to pay Rodrigues Architects Ltd for services provided in relation to the construction of New Building Society Ltd’s head office. The CCJ discharged a stay of execution that had been granted in a lower court, enabling the company to recover the balance of monies due. 


In 2015, Mr Justice Persaud ordered the building society to pay Rodrigues Architects Ltd the sum of GY$15,897,625, plus 6% interest per annum from 27th November 2008 to 29th September 2015 and thereafter at the rate of 4% per annum until fully paid, and GY$100,000 for costs. He further ordered that there be a stay of execution for a period of six months from the date of the order. No judgment, however, has yet been delivered to provide reasons for the order.


Access the full Media Release here: CCJ Media Release 13_2018