CCJ Reduced Manslaughter Sentence for Persaud

10 May 2018

The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) in the case of Teerath Persaud v The Queen, today ordered that Mr. Teerath Persaud’s manslaughter sentence be reduced from 25 years to 18 years.  With a discount for time already spent in custody, Mr. Persaud would serve a remaining 13 years and 339 days starting from 11 December 2012.


On 8 November 2008, Mr. Persaud and Mr. Christopher McCollin went to rob the home of Mr. Persaud’s former employer. On entering the home, they saw 16-year-old Anna Druizhinina, the former employer’s step-daughter.  They bound her hands and feet and tied a towel around her face. Mr. Persaud watched as McCollin used a piece of wire and looped it around Anna’s neck and threw the other end over a beam in the ceiling. McCollin made her to stand on a paint can and bucket, placed one on top of the other. The can and bucket had been retrieved by Persaud. They left the young lady precariously perched on the containers whilst they searched for items to steal. She eventually fell from the containers and was strangled.


Access the full Media Release here: CCJ Media Release 15_2018