CCJ Celebrates 14 Years

16 Apr 2019

The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) is celebrating 14 years of its operations on Tuesday, 16th April 2019. The Court is marking this occasion with activities throughout the week. Today, to commemorate the actual day of the anniversary, the CCJ launched its 2019 Rules of Court for the Original and Appellate Jurisdictions. The Rules of the Court are reviewed every two years and the revisions help to further reduce delay, ensure greater clarity and support advances in court administration. The judges and the staff of the CCJ held a small ceremony to celebrate the anniversary and to witness the signing of the Rules.


The President of the CCJ, the Hon. Mr. Justice Adrian Saunders stated, “The CCJ has much to be proud of in its 14 years. In 2018, we delivered our highest number of judgments in a year in the Appellate Jurisdiction, 34 in total, and we tried seven cases filed in the Original Jurisdiction, where we generally had two each year.  The increased use of the CCJ seems to reflect growing confidence in the Court and a recognition that we play an important role in the Caribbean.”  He noted that the Court also launched its Strategic Plan which will direct activities over the next five years.  “One of the strategic issues identified, when we were gathering data to inform the plan, was the need for increased communication. With CCJ Week, we are beginning to provide our stakeholders with increased information while we continue to produce excellent work in our judicial area”.


Registrar and Chief Marshal of the Caribbean Court of Justice, Ms. Jacqueline Graham watches as the Hon. Mme. Justice Maureen Rajnauth-Lee affixes her signature to the revised Rules of Court in the Original and the Appellate Jurisdiction.


Access the full Media Release here: 11-2019