Hugh Wooding Law School Triumphs At CCJ’s 11th Annual Law Moot

22 Mar 2019

At a ceremony held at the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), the Hugh Wooding Law School bested eight other schools to take home the CCJ Challenge Shield as winners of the 11th Annual CCJ International Law Moot.  The University of Guyana was the runner-up and took home the prize for Best Academic Institution. The Moot was held over two days, Thursday, March 21 and Friday, 22 March 2019. The CCJ judges who comprised the bench for the Moot were the Honourable Messrs. Justice David Hayton, Jacob Wit and Winston Anderson.


It was a year of firsts and lasts – this is the first Law Moot since the President of the CCJ, the Hon. Adrian Saunders took the helm of the organisation. And it was noted by the President, that it is the last Moot for Mr. Justice David Hayton, who has chaired all annual Moots. During the President’s speech before the awards ceremony, he paid tribute to his colleague, “I cannot conclude my remarks without extending to the Honourable Mr. Justice David Hayton, my appreciation for the enlightened leadership that he has brought to the organisation of this Annual International Law Moot hosted by the CCJ. He has been associated with the Moot from its inception and, as he retires later this year, the Court expresses its deepest thanks for his unstinting service”.  The Hon. Justice Wit also pointed out, during judgment delivery, that this was the first time that the moot question involved a dispute between two states.


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