Communications and Information Department

The Communication and Information Department, headed by the Communication and Information Manager, leads the Court’s communication, information, public education and relationship management efforts.  The goals of the department facilitate greater understanding of the work of the organisation while fostering increased access to justice and public trust and confidence and managing the relations with all stakeholders.


The Department comprises the Public Education and Protocol Unit (an amalgamation of the former Public Education and Communication Unit and the Protocol and Information Unit) and the Library Services Unit. The Public Education and Protocol Unit, headed by the Chief Public Education and Protocol Officer, serves two key functions. It is responsible for educating the various publics on the work and mandate of the CCJ. It also supports the work of the Court by issuing media releases on judgments. It executes this function by coordinating activities comprising

  • Media relations,
  • Digital media management,
  • Event management, and
  • Internal and external communication


The Unit’s second function is to advise the Court and the Commission on protocol matters including the application of conventions, formalities and courtesies and manage the diplomatic and external relations portfolios.

Contact the Communication and Information Manager

Telephone: 868 623 2225 ext 2260

Contact the Public Education and Protocol Unit

Telephone: 868 627-6136 / 623 2225 ext. 2252/2296
Email: or

The Library Services Unit, led by the Chief Librarian, supports the information needs of the Court and the practicing bar in the contracting member states of the Caribbean Community. Its mission is to provide access to legal knowledge and information consistent with the present and anticipated research needs of the Court.


Contact the Library:

Telephone: 868 623-2225 ext. 4251, 3235, 4263