Information for Media


Can media workers attend hearings?

Members of the media may attend open court hearings at the CCJ when cases are heard in person. Specially assigned seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Cases that are conducted in camera (in private) are not open to the public. Hearings can generally be viewed live on the Court’s YouTube page which can be accessed here: CCJ YouTube Channel.

Is video recording/photography permitted in the courtroom?

No, video recording /photography is strictly prohibited in the courtroom unless permission is granted by the Public Education and Protocol Unit. Permission to record will only be granted on special occasions such as the Annual Caribbean Court of Justice International Law Moot Competition.

Are recording devices/ mobile phones permitted in the courtroom?

Journalists are allowed to use mobile phones in the courtroom.   However, the use of these devices should not cause a disturbance or distraction. They also cannot be used to take photos or film any part of the proceedings.