Court Registry


The Registry of the Caribbean Court of Justice is headed by a Registrar, assisted by a Deputy Registrar and four members of staff. The staff of the Registry are appointed by the Regional Judicial and Legal Services Commission. Sub-Registries of the Court are located in the Courts of the Contracting Parties to the Agreement.

Jurisdiction of the Court

The Court has two jurisdictions, an Appellate jurisdiction and an Original Jurisdiction. In its Appellate Jurisdiction, the Court serves as the final court of appeal in civil and criminal matters for those countries of the Caribbean Community which are parties to the Agreement and have acceded to the appellate jurisdiction. In its Original Jurisdiction the Court is a court of first instance which applies rules of international law in respect of the interpretation and application of the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas.

At present the Court receives cases in its Appellate Jurisdiction from Barbados, Belize, Dominica and Guyana. In the Original Jurisdiction, the Court receives cases from the twelve Contracting Parties to the Agreement Establishing the Court. Decisions of the CCJ in both its Appellate Jurisdiction and its Original Jurisdiction are final.


The Registry is the ‘engine room’ of the Court. It manages all cases from filing to disposition. It is responsible for the receipt, transmission and custody of documents filed in the Registry and sub-Registries. It is the conduit for the flow of information between the Court and the parties before it. The Registry is also responsible for service of all documents filed in the original jurisdiction. To provide greater access to justice documents may be filed in the sub-Registries and transmitted to the Registry.


Each sub-Registry of the Court is headed by a Registrar who is called a ‘proper officer’ under the Appellate Jurisdiction Rules or a ‘local deputy Registrar’ under the Original Jurisdiction Rules. The sub-Registries are located in the Courts of each of the Contracting Parties which signed the Agreement Establishing the Court.

Contact Information

The Registry is located on the Ground Floor, of the Caribbean Court of Justice, situated at #134 Henry Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad.
Telephones: (868) 623-2225; 624-2256 Ext. 4246, 4247, 4248, 2240
Fax: (868) 623-0527