Corporate Administration

The Corporate Administration Division of the Court provides high level management and leadership required for the administrative operations of the Court, working closely with the Registrar and Chief Marshal, the President, and the RJLSC to support and ensure the achievement of the Court’s strategic objectives. The Division is responsible for the Finance and Administration, Security and Logistics and the Human Resources portfolios at the Court.  The Division oversees the work of approximately 30 persons who support the Court’s operations and is led by a Senior Manager, Corporate Administration.


The Finance and Administration Department (F&AD) operationalises the finance and accounting, facilities and assets management, and administrative activities of the Court. The Department is responsible for overseeing the organisation’s business operations so that fiscal information is accurate, timely, and completely recorded and reported and expenses are prudently managed within budget. The Department also ensures that physical assets are adequately and efficiently procured, supplied and maintained, thus, ensuring value for money in conformity with applicable legislation, standards, policies, and procedures.  The Department is led by the Manager, Finance and Administration.


Contact the Finance Unit:
Telephone: 623-2225 ext. 2244


The Security and Logistics Unit oversees the effective management of the security and logistics portfolio to ensure the inviolability of the Court, its property, and personnel. The Unit manages the security of the physical and digital assets, to ensure that all users of the Court operate in a safe and secure environment. The team lead for this Unit is the Chief Security and Logistics Officer.


The Human Resources Unit executes the human resource strategy in support of the overall strategic plan of the Court, effectively leading and directing the routine human resource functions. It also assists with the development, and retention of competent employees in achieving the Court’s vision, mission, and strategic goals. The Unit is led by the Chief Human Resources Officer.