Information for the Public


Can members of the public attend hearings?

Members of the public may attend open court hearings at the CCJ when cases are heard in person. Seating is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Cases that are conducted in camera (in private) are not open to the public. Hearings can generally be viewed live on the Court’s YouTube page which can be accessed here: CCJ YouTube Channel.

Can children attend hearings?

Yes, children can attend hearings. However, given the formal nature of court proceedings, it is not recommended for young children.

Does the Court require certain attire when attending a hearing?

Yes. While the Court doesn’t desire to deter members of the public from entering the building, there is a dress code to enter the CCJ’s premises. The following articles of clothing are strictly prohibited:

  • Sleeveless tops or vests
  • Strapless tops
  • Midriff exposing tops
  • Visible underwear
  • Short pants
  • Slippers
  • Caps
  • Offensive or obscene prints
  • Sunglasses

Is photography permitted inside the building?

Yes, visitors may take photos in public spaces. However, photography is strictly prohibited in the courtroom unless permission is granted by the Public Education and Protocol Unit.

Are there any items that are not permitted inside the building?

Firearms/weapons are not allowed in the building. They must be lodged at the nearest police station.

What are the security measures that I must be aware of when entering the building?

  • All baggage must be scanned or searched upon entry.
  • All items carried on your person must be placed in a tray and scanned.
  • All visitors must proceed through a scanner. Visitors may also be subject to a physical search based on the judgment of the security officer on duty.

Does the Court provide parking for persons attending hearings?

Unfortunately, the Court is unable to facilitate parking for visitors attending hearings.