The Caribbean Judicial Information System (CJIS)

The Caribbean Judicial Information System (CJIS) is a knowledge management system developed by the Judicial Regional and Institutional Strengthening (JURIST) Project to capture, store and retrieve knowledge assets for the judiciaries of the Caribbean. It will serve as a storage and retrieval mechanism for all types of information related to judicial reform including:


  • judgments 
  • papers 
  • speeches 
  • policies 
  • procedures 
  • guidelines 
  • treaties
  • agreements  
  • protocols
  • rules  
  • practice directions; and  
  • legislation. 


It is hoped that the CJIS will help to foster a culture of information sharing across the region and allow countries to have access to information generated from the JURIST Project and other judicial reform project and activities. This system will also ensure that all information collected is archived and  accessible in one location. This should enable informed decision-making and improved efficiency, by reducing the need to rediscover knowledge.. 


The CCJ has been identified as being the most suitable institution to advance and maintain the use and management of the system when the JURIST Project ends on 30 March 2023.