Organisational Development/Human Resource Advisor (ON CONTRACT)

Expired on: Feb 24, 2023

Deadline Time – 4:00 p.m. Atlantic Standard Time

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Position Title: Organisational Development/Human Resource Advisor (ON CONTRACT)

Organisation: RJLSC

Location: Trinidad and Tobago 

Reports Directly To: RJLSC Chairman 

Reports Indirectly To: RJLSC Commissioners 

Supervises: Senior Administrative Officer, RJLSC (For Recruitment events)

Position Objective:                                                                                                                                           

To inform, drive and support ongoing organisational change and improvement to increase the effectiveness of the CCJ & the RJLSC, by efficiently utilizing and managing resources (technology/people etc).  Monitor and evaluate goals, objectives and strategies for HR management and development, including recruitment and selection, policy/practices, discipline, grievance, counselling, work conditions, contracts, training and development, succession planning, morale, motivation, climate, culture and attitudinal development, performance management and quality management issues, recommending initiatives and interventions to support the resilience and future sustainability of the Court and the Commission.

Key Responsibilities 

Development & Implementation of RJLSC Guidelines/Regulations/Policies

  1. Develop, review and evaluate regulations, policies, procedures and HR process systems to support and improve operational efficiency and effectiveness and make recommendations to the Commission for approval/amendment such as the review and update of Staff Rules and Regulations:
  • Develop, review and recommend regulations and policies governing the recruitment, selection, promotion and on boarding of Staff for the CCJ and the RJLSC.
  • Develop and review regulations and policies governing the appointment, discipline, termination of employment and other terms and conditions of service and employment for:
    • Officials and employees of the Court;
    • Conduct of disciplinary proceedings;
    • Other areas as required;
  1. Monitor implementation of regulations and HR policies to ensure adherence and compliance and recommend improvements.
  2. Provide specialist strategic advice and knowledge to the Commission, Chairman and Secretary on human resource matters. Interpret and provide advisory services to the HRS Committee and the Commission on HR issues, policies and procedures, including: the formulation of policies and strategies related to HR management and development – the selection and hiring of qualified job applicants – the appointment (permanent, contract and temporary), promotion, transfer and disciplining of officers of the Court/Commission, staffing change implications etc. to ensure that structure, policy and performance remain aligned to strategy, goals and objectives as determined by the RJLSC).
  3. Monitor to ensure compliance with regulations and policy guidelines inclusive of:
  • Regulations and policies governing the recruitment, selection, on boarding and promotion of Staff.
  • Regulations and policies governing the discipline, termination of employment and other terms and conditions of service and employment.
  1. Maintain, review, evaluate and make recommendations with respect to the Job Evaluation, Grading and Classification of new/existing positions. Convene the Classification Committee for the purpose of:
  • Evaluation of jobs where job descriptions are revised, new jobs are created, or an employee requests a review on the basis of changes in his/her job description or specifications.
  • Conduct of the Classification Exercise when it is determined by the Commission that a classification exercise is required.


  1. Maintain a record of the approved staff complement for the CCJ & the RJLSC, inclusive of vacant positions.
  2. Review, evaluate and make recommendations concerning requests from the CCJ for new positions for the CCJ and as required for the RJLSC.
  3. Review, evaluate and provide recommendations for requests from the CCJ to staff existing/ vacant and new positions against approved complement, inclusive of recommendations for promotion of staff.
  4. Review ads proposed by the CCJ to advertise positions internally and externally in accordance with approved policy; Advise CCJ on the approved posting of advertisements in accordance with policy.
  5. Review applicants’ master lists to develop shortlists and inform or forward to the Chairman, RJLSC/Commission for approval as may be necessary.
  6. Schedule and participate in interviews as directed.
  7. Present results of interviews to RJLSC for consideration and approval. Review, evaluate and make recommendations for the hire of Staff for the CCJ and the RJLSC.
  8. Evaluate recommendations for transfers, promotions, relief and leave from the CCJ, for Grades 6 and above making recommendations to the RJLSC.
  9. Review and recommend to the Commission other elements of the recruitment and HR process that can be delegated by the Commission to the CCJ.
  10. Review, evaluate and provide recommendations to the HRSC/RJLSC for the cessation of appointments in accordance with approved provisions.
  11. Document and follow-up on the implementation of HR decisions from the Commission as appropriate.
  12. Prepare Commission Notes, letters, memoranda, proposals, reports, approvals and e-mails, as required. 

Translating Strategic Direction into Operational Reality

  1. Develop and deliver integrated organisational development plans that link into and support achievement of the RJLSC’s & CCJ’s strategic objectives.
  2. Review and evaluate the HR Strategic Plan of the Court and make recommendations to the Commission for approval and/or amendment. Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the approved HR Strategic Plan, related programmes and performance of the CCJ.
  3. Contribute positively and coordinate the development, monitoring and evaluation of the RJLSC’s Strategic Plan, Business Continuity Plan and Succession Plan. Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the approved Plans, related programmes and performance for the Commission.
  4. Research and analyse, key HR metrics e.g. cycle time to staff vacant positions, compliance with staff regulations and HR policies and systems and make recommendations for improvement.
  5. Address all human resources (HR) needs, strategies and related programmes of the Commission. 

Leadership and Management

  1. Role model and champion the Commission and Court’s values, behaviours and desired ways of working that enable and support staff engagement, development and high performance.
  2. Represent the RJLSC at local and international fora and on various committees as required by the Commission and/or the Chairman, RJLSC.
  3. Collaborate with the CMA to monitor employee climate through surveys and other methods to identify issues/ trends and make recommendations to maintain positive Staff morale.
  4. Hold monthly meetings with the Executive Leadership of the Court to ensure close collaboration, effective communication/working relationships particularly in times of change.
  5. Investigate and respond to enquiries and complaints from Judges, Management and external parties.
  6. Review recommendations from CCJ on employee complaints, grievances and disciplinary issues.
  7. Prepare and monitor the biennial budget for the RJLSC.

HR and OD Interventions and related processes

  1. Lead and recommend business optimisation initiatives, contributing to the restructuring of Departments/Units, cross-functionality and interdepartmental cooperation to increase efficiency and align activities with business objectives.
  2. Evaluate organisational learning/transfer of learning and best practice to enhance performance.
  3. Research and review compensation and benefits and terms and conditions of employment for Staff of the CCJ and the RJLSC. Determine the cost effectiveness and competitiveness of current package/s. Make recommendations for changes in compensation benefits including the implementation of new benefits aimed at improving employee satisfaction and retention being mindful always of budget constraints.
  4. Review analysis report from CCJ on Staff Loans granted on a monthly basis to ensure compliance with policy and address as appropriate.
  5. Conduct, record and analyse exit interviews of employees in Grade 6 and above. Review CCJ’s analysis of exit interviews of employees in Grade 5 and below. Report on exit interviews analysis to the HRSC twice yearly.
  6. Establish and maintain appropriate information systems for capturing and retrieving data on and measuring key aspects of HR management.
  7. Evaluate the need for external HR/OD consultancies, assist with their management and monitor and evaluate their performance, making recommendations to the Commission as appropriate.
  8. Monitor and evaluate the implementation of approved recommendations from Consultancies, measuring the impact of interventions on Staff performance, efficiency, employee retention, job satisfaction, identifying challenges and devising solutions to enable and support successful results.
  9. Maintain awareness and knowledge of contemporary HR management and development theory and methods and make recommendations where the RJLSC may benefit from their implementation.


  1. Assist with the management of projects as required by the Commission and/or the Chairman.
  2. Serve on committees as required.
  3. Attend meetings of the Commission and HRS and other RJLSC Committees, as required/assigned.
  4. Any other related duties as may be assigned from time to time.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

  • Proven knowledge of all areas of organisation development, change management, human resource management, and its principles, policies and practices including Human Resources Information System(s).
  • Sound knowledge of the workings of the RJLSC
  • Thorough knowledge of employment-related laws and regulations.
  • Sound knowledge of labour legislation, regulations, grievance handling and disciplinary proceedings
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal and conflict resolution skills.
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.
  • Excellent interviewing skills
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Strong supervisory and leadership skills.
  • Demonstrated Sound judgement.
  • Knowledge of and experience with varied human resource information systems.
  • Intermediate to advance computer literacy with high proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite or related software.
  • Sound knowledge of research techniques.
  • Knowledge of the CARICOM region and its Court Structure.
  • Knowledge of Court procedures and Court protocols.
  • Ability to demonstrate exceptionally strong analytical skills, having an ability to analyze, refine, summarize, and clearly present data and information.
  • Ability to work well in a team, and demonstrate the highest level of professional integrity, respect, patience and diplomacy for colleagues and others.
  • Ability to work well in a multi-cultural, multi-religious, multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality at all times

Internal Relations:

Liaises with:

  • RJLSC Commissioners
  • RJLSC Secretariat
  • Chairman/President, Judges, Registrar
  • Corporate Manager Administration
  • Chief HR Officer 

External Relations:

Liaises with:

  • Regional and International Courts
  • Educational/Training Institutions
  • Professional HR Management Bodies
  • Consultants
  • Candidates

Minimum Education and Experience

  • A Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management
  • Training and Certification in Organisational Development
  • 10 years of HR experience, with at least 5 years of executive HR experience
  • SHRM Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) or equivalent certification.
  • Working experience with automated Human Resource Management System(s).

SALARY BAND: 8 – US$4,114.39 (Free of Taxes)

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Job Category: RJLSC
Job Type: Contract
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