Courtroom Technology at the CCJ

The CCJ courtroom is a high tech environment and provides attorneys with the following litigation support features at the multi-media lectern from which you will address the Court. The Courtroom technology available to you includes:

  • A Document Reader/ Visual Presenter;
  • Networked display monitors throughout the courtroom;
  • Touch screen monitors;
  • Ability to use laptop computers;
  • DVD/VCR player;
  • A control panel for switching among the different devices available to the attorneys (laptop, dvd player, vcr etc.);
  • Wireless Internet Access;
  • Audio/Video Digital Recording;
  • Audio/Video Transcripts on CD/DVD.

Familiarising yourself with the technology

You are asked to familiarise yourself with the Court’s technology so that you can have the full benefit of the litigation support provided. This technology will also assist the Judges in following your argument in the case.

Please download this PDF document that highlights the main forms of technology at your disposal.