The Caribbean Court of Justice visits Grenada

With the assistance and support of the High Court of Grenada, the Ministry of Legal Affairs and the Grenada Bar Association, a CCJ contingent facilitated meetings and presentations with various sectors of the local Grenadian community.

On this occasion, the Court’s activities were geared towards ensuring that the people of Grenada were presented with many different opportunities with which to learn more about the CCJ.This visit included one-on-one meetings with key groups and associations, including legal, business and labour fraternities, senior public officers, churches, principals, teachers, school children, media and the unprecedented town hall meetings, where members of four (4) communities received presentations and information about the Court, and were able to interface with the Court’s judges.The contingent also made media appearances on radio and television stations throughout Grenada, and hosted a media conference. This truly ambitious undertaking did reap very good results. The Court’s meetings and conversations with the people of Grenada were also quite positive, as the contingent addressed the lingering doubt of whether or not the CCJ can withstand political interference. Most importantly, the CCJ was able to meet and interact with its customers. This initiative proved invaluable to the organization’s commitment to provide an accessible, independent and accountable Caribbean Court, one that is ‘in tune’ with the people which it serves.