CCJ denies special leave application made by evicted tenant

Today, the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) published its judgment denying special leave in the Barbadian case of Ramnarace Ramassar v Stella Scantlebury [2023] CCJ 7 (AJ) BB in which Ramassar had sought permission to appeal an ejection order obtained against him by his landlord. Ramassar was a tenant at a property in Wilcox Hill, Christ Church Barbados, and Ms Scantlebury, was his landlord. On 7 October 2021, Ms Scantlebury sought and obtained an order in the Magistrate’s Court for his ejection from the rented premises. Ramassar’s appeal against the ejection order was dismissed by the Court of Appeal which also awarded costs to Ms Scantlebury. Ramassar then sought leave from the Court of Appeal to appeal to the CCJ, but that application was denied.

Access the full media release here: Media release 12_2023