CCJ Issues its Reasons in Domestic Violence Case

Today, 28 July 2023, the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) issued its reasons for allowing the Barbadian appeal in OO v BK [2023] CCJ 10 (AJ) BB which it heard on 28 March 2023. The Court had on 28 March 2023 reversed the decision of the Court of Appeal which had upheld a Magistrate’s dismissal of the appellant’s application for a domestic violence protection order after hearing submissions from the appellant’s attorney and the Office of the Attorney General of Barbados. Operation Safe Space Movement for Change Inc in association with International Center for Advocates Against Discrimination Inc (ICAAD) and UN Women Multi-Country Office – Caribbean were also invited by the Court to assist as amici curiae, or ‘friends of the court’.

Access the full media release here: Media release 18_2023